Structural Inspection

What is a structural inspection?

Structural inspection focuses on the structural integrity of your property and examines existing or potential problems.

Our licensed engineer visits the site and visually inspects areas of your property.

They look for signs of structural deficiencies that may cause problems with the integrity of the building.

Our engineers provide on site consultation and will write you a report of their findings and recommended solutions.


Why do I need a structural inspection?

If there are problems with the building

A structural inspection gives you an overview of the structural condition of the building and determines if existing symptoms have an underlying structural cause. It is adviseable to have a professional engineer inspect your property in one of the following cases:

  • cracking, shifting or moving is noticed in the foundation, walls, concrete slabs, stucco or other parts of the building,
  • visible or suspected damage by earthquake, fire, nearby construction, wind, water,  termites or insufficient maintenance,
  • unstable, falling structures (chimneys, retaining walls, external details)
  • uneven floors, bulging or separating walls, deflecting joists or beams, deformed windows and doors,
  • when buying or refinancing a house, particularly when there’s visible damage or home inspection calls for an opinion by a professional engineer,

Ensure safety and code compliance before remodeling

An initial consultation with a professional engineer before any construction will help you maintain the structural integrity and safety of your property and also stay in compliance with all city regulations. Talk to an engineer before:

  • opening up or removing a wall to check if it is a load bearing one, and to provide correct calculations for proper header sizing
  • planning any change or addition to a building to verify if the existing structure is suitable for the addition & remodel,
  • installing new roof to ensure the existing structure will safely uphold the new weight.

What is the outcome of this service?

  • you will get an explanation for existing symptoms, a good understanding of the building’s structural condition and if there are issues that need your immediate attention,
  • on the site our engineer will address your questions or concerns regarding the condition of the property,
  • after the visit you can request a stamped and signed document summarizing the engineer’s findings and consequent recommendations,
  • our professional opinion is accepted by lenders, insurance companies, real estate agencies, appraisers, city agencies, etc.

How do I schedule a structural evaluation?

Call 310-553-9339 to speak with one of our engineers

  • Provide a short description of your case and the property
  • Schedule the appointment while on the phone; we usually schedule 1-2 business days ahead
  • Receive an e-mail confirmation for your appointment; and you are all set
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