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Company Info - Peter T. Erdelyi and Associates

Company Info

It started in 1974

In 1974 Peter Erdelyi started working as a professional engineer in California. In 1978 he became one of the initial co-founders and owners of Erdelyi, Moon, Mezey and Associates, a partnership of structural engineers. Subsequently the name was changed to Erdelyi, Mezey and Associates and to its current form, Peter Erdelyi and Associate, in 1988. The company continued working out of its original location just south of Beverly Hills until its relocation to a new office building in December, 2009.

In 2005 Sayed Attaalla joined the firm and currently holds the titles of Vice President and Chief Engineer. The arrival of Sayed marked the beginning of a period of rapid growth in company size and an increase in the number of concurrent projects handled. With Mr. Attaalla’s invaluable contribution, our team has designed many highly complex projects in the recent past.

The end of 2009 found the company in a brand new, upgraded location in West Los Angeles on Sawtelle Blvd in the immediate vicinity of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

To present day, after more than three decades, Peter Erdelyi continues to actively supervise projects from launch to completion on a daily basis, although he lost count of them somewhere around 10,000.

Meet our team

Peter T. Erdelyi, PE

Principal Engineer

Founder / CEO
Structural Designer and Engineer of residential (including condominium) and commercial enterprises. In excess of 10,000 structures designed to date, working with over 800 architects and designers.

Involved in projects related to earthquake repairs, house bolting, condominium conversions, and structural observations for homeowners, financial institutions, real estate brokers, and law firms.

310-553-9339 | peter@erdelyi.com | Peter’s bio (pdf)


Kamaleddin Mirmohammadsadeghi, PE
professional engineer | 310-553-9339 ext 663 | kamal@erdelyi.com

George Yap
project engineer | 310-553-9339 ext 665 | george@erdelyi.com

Stephanie Sandoval
project engineer | 310-553-9339 ext 685 | ssandoval@erdelyi.com

Siva Dondapati
project engineer | 310-553-9339 ext 672 | siva@erdelyi.com


Kathy Erdelyi
project designer | 310-553-9339 ext 670 | kathy@erdelyi.com

Akram Tawfic
drafter | 310-553-9339 ext 674 | akram@erdelyi.com

Ildiko Babucsik
designer | 310-553-9339 ext 671 | ildiko@erdelyi.com


Ben Robles
drafter | 310-553-9339 ext 669 | ben@erdelyi.com

Rodgie Tiratira
drafter | 310-553-9339 ext 669 | rodgie@erdelyi.com

Stephanie Czayka
drafter | 310-553-9339 ext 675 | stephanie@erdelyi.com

Administrative staff

Tracy Milenkovic
office manager | 310-553-9339 ext 681 | tracy@erdelyi.com

Ilona Razhavsky
proposals | 310-553-9339 ext 682 | ilona@erdelyi.com

Pamela Sankhar
front desk | 310-553-9339 ext 690 | pamela@erdelyi.com